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DEM1927: Implant Theatre

Covering the following GDC Development Outcomes: C

Dental Implants are now the treatment of choice for replacing a missing tooth in most situations. It is important that all dental professionals, whether they place implants or not, are able to:

• Provide up-to-date information to their patients
• Understand what options are available for their patients
• Know how to treat those patients who already have dental implants.

To keep practitioners up to date on the latest developments in this important field Professional Dentistry Midlands will be hosting an Implant Conference. Two carefully selected speakers will deliver presentations on different subjects relating to dental implantology. Whether you are new to the field or are regularly placing implants, there will be something for you.

Latest confirmed topic:s

Implant Dentistry - Are we focusing on the right kind of osseointegration?

Dr Fadi Barrak from VSS Academy will discuss the tissue/ implant interface and the weak points in dental implants. He will also review comparative anatomy at the tissue/ implant interface, discuss materials in relation to tissue reaction and present the latest research in connective tissue attachment attempts and potential future research.

Learning Outcomes:
To have an understanding of the comparative anatomy in relation to implant design, be aware of the recent research on the tissue reaction to implant materials, to be aware of the importance of and challenges in gaining connective tissue attachment and to be able to relate the information presented to day to day practice.

A Ticking Timebomb
Dr Fadi Barrak will be discussing the best practice guidelines for implant maintenance, how to recognise the signs of peri-implantitis and when to refer.

Learning outcomes
• To be aware of best practice guidelines for implant maintenance
• To recognise the signs of peri-implantitis
• To know when and who to refer

Ultaire AKP - An alternative material solution for removable partial dentures
Jonathan Hughes, clinical dental technician for Solvay Dental 360, will introduce the audience to Ultaire AKP: a polymer which has been specifically formulated for the application of removable partial dentures. Jonathan will discuss the benefits, case studies and his experiences.


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