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DLO1908: Tooth Wear & Erosion


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Presented by Professor Jeremy Rees, Director of the M Clin Dent Programme at Cardiff University

To provide the busy clinician with an overview of the contemporary management of tooth wear.
Jeremy will cover the following:

How common is tooth wear, what causes it and how can you prevent it?
• The prevalence of tooth wear in both deciduous and permanent teeth
• An in depth exploration of the aetiology of wear including reflux, eating disorders, fruits, drinks and acid sweets
• Contemporary ideas for the management of tooth wear

Dentine hypersensitivity - a tooth wear phenomena
• The role of gingival recession and its causes
• The link between tooth wear and sensitivity
• The clinical management of sensitivity including the use of ‘modern’ toothpastes

Everything you wanted to know about the Dahl technique and when to use it
• What is the Dahl technique, how it has evolved over the last 3 decades
• When to use the Dahl technique in practice and how to do it
• Review of the evidence base from this technique

Conventional prosthodontics in the management of tooth wear
• When to use conventional techniques to manage significant wear
• When to change the OVD
• When to use occlusal splints
• When to use crown lengthening surgery

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