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DLO1922: Business of Dentistry Theatre

Covering the following GDC Development Outcomes: A, B, C, D

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By attending this conference you can claim 4.5 hours of free CPD

This full day course covers a range of business strategies to help run a winning practice. It advises on how you might prepare for the unexpected and how you can approach a big business decision.

Session 1
Putting the Patient Experience at the Heart of your Practice
Presented by Guy Meyers, Head of Customer Success - Software of Excellence

How to implement a seamless patient journey that puts customer care first: enhancing the experience at every touch-point and optimising clinical outcomes.
Understanding your practice workflow from a patient perspective; this seminar offers a thought-provoking insight into the impact your processes have on your patient experience and care. Using real-life scenarios to structure the session, you will be encouraged to think about each individual touchpoints and realise how customer-centric your business really is.

Learning objectives:
• Understanding the key touchpoints; when and how to communicate with patients both in and out of practice
• How to better inform patients to help ensure they take up the treatment they need
• A guide to help you judge your existing patient journey and set targets around it to ensure your team are following a customer centric workflow

Session 2
Cosmetic Tooth Alignment - the Missing Piece in Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry
Presented by Dr Biju Krishnan BDS, Dentist - Cfast SmileTRU

Learning outcomes:
• An overview of what can be achieved using cosmetic tooth alignment techniques
• Why you must consider this option in all restorative/cosmetic treatment planning
• When to use and when to avoid
• Dispelling some of the myths and misinformation

Session 3
The Business of Teeth Whitening
Presented by Chris McPhillips, Sales Director - Whitewash Laboratories

Learn the secrets of how to increase practice revenue through teeth whitening. Find out why most practices get it wrong and the three simple strategies to sell more whitening whilst also increasing patient satisfaction.

Session 4
Treating the Cause of Malocclusion
Presented by Niels van der Valk, Training Consultant, United Kingdom/Ireland/the Netherlands - Myofunctional Research

Introduction of a modern approach to the diagnosis of breathing- and myofunctional problems and how myofunctional appliances can be used to treat soft tissue dysfunctions to provide an effective, early and minimally invasive orthodontic treatment for patients between 5-15 years.

Session 5
The Practice Telephone: Business Development Channel or Sales Prevention System?
Presented by Richard Collard, Business Consultant - Practice Plan

Many practices identify problem symptoms in their businesses, but because they fail to diagnose correctly, they prescribe ineffective remedies. Using the practice telephony as an example, this presentation explores how an MRI scan of systems, structures and skills gives an accurate diagnosis and through case study considers some possible cures.

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