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DEM1905: IR(ME)R

Covering the following GDC Development Outcomes: B, C, D

Presented by Dr Brenda Murray BSc, PhD, BDS, MFD RSCI, DDR RCR

This course is designed as a comprehensive course in dental radiography and radiation protection and fulfils the requirements of the GDC and the IR(ME)R regulations.

The safe and effective use of radiation for diagnostic purposes is fundamental to patient protection. The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations require all practitioners and operators to undertake continuing education and training.

In addition, the General Dental Council made ‘Dental Radiography and Radiation Protection’ a ‘core CPD subject’ for all dental practitioners and dental care professionals.

The course will cover the fundamental changes to the regulations with the introduction of IRR17 and IRMER17 and will be interspersed with interesting cases highlighting key principles in diagnosis and interpretation.

• To provide an update on the ionising radiation regulations, applicable to dental radiography, in light of the introduction of IRR17 and IRR17.
• To highlight the fundamental changes in the regulations
• To provide practical ways of ensuring compliance with the regulations
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course participants should understand:
• Principles of radiation physics
• Risks of ionising radiation, the principles of radiation protection and dose reduction in dental radiography
• Statutory responsibilities for dental practitioners
• Changes in the regulations applicable to dental radiography


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